Does your dad like to kick back with the guys?  Why not treat your dad and his crew to a special pool night for the guys!  ToySplash has everything you need to make it happen.

Pool Night for the GuysFirst, beverages.  Whether it’s soda or a beer, your dad will enjoy having his cold drinks easily accessible.  His guests will love not having to get out just to refill their cups.  And you’ll love not hearing pleas from the pool for someone (i.e. you) to bring a fresh drink from inside.  The Big Bobber Floating Cooler is one of our favorites to keep a lot of drinks cold.  And a Kool Floating Beverage Tray will ensure his guests have somewhere to place their drinks.

Pool Night for the Guys

Next, a place to sit.  Your swimming pool can feel just like dad’s recliner when you give him and his friends the Aqua Chair to float in. The only thing missing is the TV remote…

pool night for the guys

Finally some adult games like a floating black jack card table, a floating pool ping pong table, or even a floating golf green!  If your dad is a bit of a frat boy at heart, we recommend the ultimate adult pool toy:  a floating beer pong table!