Pool Noodle Halloween Decorations

Pool Noodle Halloween Decorations

Pool Noodles...the ever versatile, pool toy but also (did you know) a craft project supply! We’ve got some cool, pool noodle Halloween decorations that are easy to make and completely adorable!

creative pool noodle Halloween decorations~

Spooky Spider

Greet party guests with this not-so-itsy-bitsy spider made from a milk jug and pool noodles!

What you’ll need:

Craft knife

Gallon milk jug

Black duct tape

8 pool noodles

2 yellow plastic eggs

Green duct tape

Krylon H2O Latex Spray Paint-black

How to make it:

1.Use a craft knife to cut off the spout of the milk jug, then completely cover the jug with black duct tape.

  1. Paint the noodles with the spray paint. Let dry completely.

3. With scissors, cut and remove a 1-inch-deep notch from the middle of each leg, then bend the pool noodle at the notches and tape the bent joints in place.

  1. Using duct tape, attach each noodle to the bottom of the spider body.

  2. For eyes, stick black tape pupils on the 2 broader ends of a pair of plastic eggs. Tape the eyes in place on the jug. Finally, decorate the top of the spider body with green duct tape, and your oversize arachnid is ready to adorn your front door or hang from a tree.

Wicked Witch Legs

This decoration is super easy but sure to bring a smile to all your trick-or-treaters when they arrive at your door!

Supplies needed:

1 pool noodle, cut in half

1 pair of striped knee socks

1 pair of black high-heeled shoes or boots

1 welcome mat


Take each noodle half and cover with one sock.  Add shoes to the bottom of each noodle and tuck the legs under a welcome mat. It’s that easy!

Halloween Door Wreath

Hang an adorable Halloween wreath on your front door to welcome all your guests!

Supplies needed:

1 pool noodle

duct tape

thin-gauge wire

hot glue gun or craft glue

2 black feather boas

1 wooden cut-out Halloween sign (found at the dollar store or craft store)


Create a circle with the pool noodle and secure the ends to each other with duct tape.

Wrap the feather boas around the pool noodle, making sure to cover all visible foam of the noodle. Secure the ends with glue.

Attach the Halloween sign to the wreath using thing gauge wire. Hide wire underneath the feathers so it’s not visible.

Hang your adorable wreath on the front door!

All these creative Pool Noodle Halloween Decorations are cute and very easy to put together. Whether you choose just one or all three, everyone will love the clever decorations you made… (and no one needs to know just how easy they are!)