Pool Temperature Watch

“Mom, we’re bored! Can we go in the pool yet?” It’s that time of year again. As the temperatures creep higher and the sun stays out later, the kids start to get antsy for pool time. It’s not always easy for them to understand, however, that the pool water isn’t warm enough just because they feel warm enough for a swim. Here’s a fun way to stave off the boredom and begging and, at the same time, maybe teach some basic math and science skills. Our Pool Temperature Watch activity keeps everyone happy!

get your pool temperature watch started…

Start by giving your kids an idea of what temperature is and what different temperatures feel like. Get an inexpensive kitchen thermometer and have the kids take the temperature of various liquids in the house– bath water, ice water, your morning coffee.  Talk about what temperature might be nice for a swim and pick a family “start swimming temperature.”

Pool Temperature WatchEvery day, help the kids read and record the water temperature on the pool thermometer. Also help them find the daytime high and low temperatures in your area (newspaper, Internet, smart phone). Help the kids record these temperatures and make a chart. When the pool temperature hits the “start swimming temperature,” open the pool!

Keep the project going all summer. Ask children to predict the pool temperature based on the outside temperature and vice versa. Not only will your kids have fun learning about temperature, they will also build and strengthen basic science and math skills and maybe have a ready-made science fair project!