Princess Pool Party

Princess Pool Party

This week on the SplashDeck, we’re featuring birthday party themes and party ideas. Today is dedicated to the water princess in your life! ToySplash has everything you need to make her feel like royalty with a Princess Pool Party!

Princess Pool PartyStart by setting the mood with the right water decorations. Think color, sparkles, and flowers. Start with a showstopper like a bright LED pool fountain or rainbow light. Then add some more fun and color with floating garden lights and glitter globes. If you don’t have one already, invest in a Pool Tunes floating iPod speaker to fill the pool with all her royal highness’s favorite music.

Princess Pool PartyYour princess might also enjoy entertaining her guests in her very own castle. The affordable Cool Castle Pool Float features a mini slide and lots of details.

If your princess is a little too young for that or if some of her ladies-in-waiting are still infants, check out the Disney Princess Sun Canopy baby float or the Oyster Baby Pool Seat.

Princess Pool PartyKeep the royal court entertained for hours with fun pool toys. Consider Disney Princess Glitter Dive Wands and Dive Sticks. The Water Girls Fairy Tales Dolls and the mermaid Fairy Tales Boutique are always a hit too! Keep the ladies and gentlemen of the court busy recovering the royal jewels with the Sunken Treasure Pool Dive Game.

We’ve got something for anyone attending your Princess Pool Party. So, let the fanfare begin and usher in a perfect pool party fit for a queen…or a princess!