Ready for Spring?

Ready for Spring?

Planning for an adventure packed week off of school is a tedious task. Some people even spend upwards of 6 months preparing for spring break?!? That’s a lot of work to celebrate the return of spring! If you’re not taking a trip, there’s no real planning necessary. In fact, with a little ingenuity, you can be just as successful at welcoming spring from home!

Here’s some great ideas for a successful spring break staycation:

  1. Throw together a BBQ, and invite your friends and family.

We’ve all been cooped up indoors for far too long. It’s time to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and get active! Dust off the grill, wipe down the patio set, and let the good times roll!

summer funWeather permitting, it’s the perfect time to set up the slip & slide or sprinkler, and let the kids burn off some energy!

  1. Break out the shorts and tees – here comes the sun!

Now is the perfect time to switch your wardrobe around. Swap those winter sweaters for strappy sundresses! Spring is all about color, and big patterns. So, hit up your local swim shop for some awesome pre-season sales!

  1. Get out and get that yard back in order!

Spring is the start of the planting season, and a great time to get some serious discounts on plants and yard supplies. It’s also the perfect time to get any big yard projects out of the way. The weather is perfect for long days in the sunshine, just don’t forget the sunscreen! So, enjoy the fresh air and Vitamin D.

* Fun fact: Doctors actually recommend getting plenty of fresh air and sunlight, as an effective way to combat the “winter time blues.”

No matter how you celebrate spring, make sure you have fun doing it!