Sand Angels

We all know that some winter sports have made a great transition from the snow to the water.  Some intrepid water lover said, “Why should the mountains get all the fun?”  And, to the delight of millions of beach and lake-goers, water skiing was born.

Snow transfers to sand with Sand Angels…

Did you know that a lot of the more low-key snow activities can transfer to the beach too?

Snow angels are one of the most fun family activities in the snow.  So why not try them at the beach?  Making sand angels can be just as fun.  And if you get sand in your suit, you can always hop into the ocean to clean up!  Just be sure not to move your arms and legs too vigorously or you could end up with a nasty case of sand burn.

sand angelsHow about building a sand man? Using the same sand toys you use to construct your awesome sandcastles you can make a sand man . . . he might be a bit more boxy than your traditional snow man, but definitely worth a try.  Incorporate beach items for features.  Use seashells for faces and seaweed for hair.

What other snow activities have you used at the beach?