Sledding in a Boat?

Sledding in a Boat?

That’s right! At ToySplash, we like to take the usual and make it unusual. We like to find a dual purpose for everything. So, we sent one of our Solstice 2-person Inflatable Boats to some of our awesome relatives in the frozen tundra (otherwise known as Wisconsin) to test our theory: can you go sledding in a boat?

The answer is a resounding YES! We are so excited to share this with everyone since sledding season is in full swing in many of parts of the country. This inflatable boat, made for recreational use mainly in the summer months now has a whole new life in the winter! Take a look at some of the great pictures and videos from this afternoon of snow play.

boat sledding5

Look, Mom! No hands!! (and no sled either!)


Dad & kids all fit easily into this sled…er, boat

boat sledding

Even mom gets in on the action.

The best part about this dual-use inflatable is the price…only $24.77!!  Get yours today and head for the hills with your Solstice 2-person Inflatable Boat(Sled)!!

Watch sledding in a boat action here![