Sneaking in Some Exercise

Sneaking in Some Exercise

For years, parents have been hiding good-for-them things in stuff kids already enjoy.  From masking the taste of vegetables with creative recipes to educational games, parents do what it takes to do what’s best.  Getting your kids moving is just as important as eating vegetables and a whole lot easier than finding new places to stash broccoli.  Pool time is a great time to keep your children active because so many pool toys and games have aerobic components to them.  We must take responsibility for our children’s health and fitness–but that doesn’t mean fitness needs to be a grueling chore!  Here are some of our favorite pool toys that make sneaking in some exercise a breeze!

Sneaking in some Exercise

Wingz Pool Dive Board:  Your child can glide through the pool with this inflatable dive board.  One of the greatest things about this toy is that when it’s in use, it feels a little like flying.  And because your child needs to kick his or way through the water, it’s some serious exercise.

Blaster Board Shooter:  Just like a traditional kickboard, your child will get the aerobic benefit of kicking through the water.  But this one has the added bonus of a pump action water blaster.  This involves a little arm activity as well as the fun of squirt guns (watch out, you will get wet!).

Sneaking in some exercise

Pool Sub Jumpa:  This is one of the coolest new pool toys out there.  The Sub Jumpa is an underwater pogo stick that will keep your kids bouncing and balancing for hours.  And unlike a dry land pogo stick, losing their balance doesn’t mean scraped knees on hot pavement!