Spring Break Family Spa Night

Spring Break Family Spa Night

Spring break is a great time to spend time with the family–the kids are off school and mom and dad are due for a break. It may still be a little chilly to go in the pool, but why not warm up the spa or hot tub? Even if you can’t get away for a vacation, you can still have a really special backyard get away at a great price. Heating up the spa or hot tub is a special and affordable way to celebrate a spring break family spa night.

Yes, as a family! A lot of people think spas and hot tubs are really more of a grown up or couples activity. But spas are great for kids too. Think about it, they feel a bit like a nice, warm bathtub! But that doesn’t mean you have to be the bath time referee. Sure, you could bring in all their favorite bath toys, but we have a better idea. Take this opportunity to take advantage of what you don’t always get with your family: undivided quality time. No telephones, televisions, or video games.

Spring Break Family Spa NightIt’s a great chance to teach the kids a new game: with an inexpensive deck of waterproof playing cards from ToySplash, you can teach them anything from go fish to rummy to blackjack. If cards aren’t your thing, a floating game board for checkers is another great option.

Maybe it’s just a time to set around and talk.  Tell your kids about the days they were born, how you met your spouse, or one of your favorite childhood memories.  Or help them create a story with an around the circle story.  You start and then pass the story around and everyone adds a part. The possibilities are endless.

Spring Break Family Spa NightBe sure to stock the spa for a special night. Floating drink and snack trays are a must. Floating spa lights make sure you can see everyone.  And if your kids are still pretty small, consider spa booster seats so they can enjoy spa night too!

Spring Break Family Spa Night is an inexpensive way to bring your family together and sure to turn into a treasured tradition!