Spring Break Kickoff!

Spring Break Kickoff!

It’s almost spring break and here on the Splashdeck, that means water fun season is just beginning!  Check back every day in March for great spring break activities and boredom busters for the whole family.  Whether you’re taking a grand spring break trip or enjoying a staycation, we have what you need to make it a great. First up? Why, the spring break kickoff, of course!

Creating special spring break memories starts with setting the tone, so we love kicking off spring break with a party! Invite your friends and neighbors for a family cookout and pool party. Even if the natural water temperature is still a bit chilly, it’s worth heating your pool to throw the best spring break kickoff ever.

Spring Break KickoffA few simple and inexpensive pool toys go a long way to keeping kids happy in the pool. The Log Flume Water Joust game is a party time favorite. Kids must balance to stay afloat on the inflatable logs while trying to knock each other off with the inflatable bars. Organize a tournament and watch the kids battle it out over and over again.

And we know that sometimes parents need a spring break just as much as the kids.  Surprise your friends with a floating beer pong game—yes, the old college favorite now has a home in the pool! Or, if cards are more your style, a floating black jack table and waterproof playing cards will keep the adults entertained.

It’s a great way to get in the spring break spirit and create water fun memories!