Spring Floats for Spring Break

Spring Floats for Spring Break

Spring break is either here or right around the corner. Lots of us will be travelling to some place that is warm and sunny. Quite often, pool time is part of this vacation. Whether travelling by plane or car, packing light always seems to be a goal. How to pack fun stuff to use in the pool without taking up precious space in your suitcase? No one wants to pay extra dollars just to transport pool toys and lounges but yet, pool time without those things just isn’t the same.

Spring Floats for Spring Break is the answer!

Spring floats are so handy for pool time enjoyment. These amazing lounges and floats only take a small amount of inflation to fill the outer inflatable ring. Easy enough to do without a pump, but if you prefer, a small hand pump takes up a tiny bit of space in a suitcase. The rest is simple. These spring-action floats simply fold up into a small circle and are easily stored in the carry bag. One spring float takes up about the same amount of space as a pair of jeans. Genius!

Spring Floats for Spring Break

There are lots of styles and sizes to choose from. There’s a spring float for everyone in the family; even the dog! Here are some of our favorites:

Spring Floats for Spring BreakThe Swimways Spring Float SunDry Lounger is a ToySplash favorite. This spring float comes with full body support but the best part is, it inflates itself! No need for you to struggle blowing this up or bringing along a hand pump. Not only does it inflate but it deflates itself, too. Packing and storing is quick and simple. This float is built to last for many seasons of use.

Spring Floats for Spring BreakThe Spring Float Papasan is reminiscent of that fun, round lounging chair from the 70’s. This spring float really takes up the smallest amount of space when deflated but offers a generous seating area once inflated. Dad will love this spring float! Give him his favorite cool beverage and he’s ready for some prime relaxation!

Spring Floats for Spring BreakThe Baby Spring Float Activity Center is a 5-star winner! This is the perfect pool float for your little sweetheart. This comes with a canopy to keep baby’s tender skin protected from the sun. The attached activity center will keep baby occupied and happy with it’s squirter,  rattle, stacking rings and the on-board teether. What more can a baby ask for? This spring float is perfect for kids ages 9-months to 2 years.

Spring Floats for Spring BreakThe Swimway Kids Spring Float is just right for kids ages 2 – 7. Whether floating around quietly or pretending they’re on a pirate ship or a mermaid island, this spring float will provide tons of water fun for your child. This spring float folds up quickly and takes a tiny amount of space even in your child’s backpack. Taking this along on a trip is easy and convenient!

These are just a small sample of all the spring floats available. Check out our large selection of spring floats and choose the perfect one! Spring floats are perfect for spring break travelling!