Spring Pool Games are Ducky

Is your spring baby a little bummed that it’s still too cold for a pool party on her birthday?  Never fear, even when it is too cold to go in the water, ToySplash has you covered with fun pool party games!

Spring pool games are ducky!

Inflatable and floating water toys are the key to spring water fun without swimming.  And no offense to rubber ducky, but these days, things are not all about him!  Take advantage of ToySplash’s great selection of inflatable water toys (turtles, fish, whales, boats, and yes, even ducks) to make these party games your own:

Spring Pool Games are DuckySelect a Prize Duck:  This is an old classic that’s still lots of fun.  Float a kiddie pool with ducks, fish, or any other pool toys.  Place a label on the bottom of one toy and have party goers select one.  If you get the labeled toy, you win a prize.

Fishing Net Relay:  Buy five or six of each type of inflatable pool animal (e.g., 5 ducks, 5 fish, 5 whales) and place them in the water.  Divide party-goers into teams and arm each team with a pool net.  Each member of the team must fish one of their assigned toys out of the pool and then pass the net on to another team member.  The first team to get all of their toys out of the pool wins.  For added challenge, don’t let the teams move around; they must cooperate with other teams or try to create currents to get their toys within reach.  TIP:  borrow pool nets from neighbors or, if you can’t do that, use a stopwatch to time teams and decide the winning team based on time.

Spring Pool Games are DuckyDynamite Ducks:  Get 15-20 inflatable toys and label four or five of them on the bottom.  Place all toys in the pool and divide your party goers into teams.  Each team must try to get as many toys as possible out of the pool using a pool net and the team with the most toys collected at the end of the game wins.  The labeled toys, however, are “dynamite.”  If a team pulls a dynamite duck/whale/fish, they must throw their entire collection back into the water and the dynamite is removed from the game.  Play until no toys remain in the water.