Squirt Gun Gardeners

Squirt Gun Gardeners

Even if it’s still a little chilly to play in the pool, your kids can still have fun with their favorite water toys over spring break.  And you can get them to help out a bit with some chores in the yard! It’s so fun, you’ll get them hooked on helping for the rest of the spring! Make your kids into official “squirt gun gardeners!”

Squirt Gun gardeners Squirt guns make fun watering cans for kids and you can also channel your rambunctious kids’ energy into caring for outdoor plants and gardens. With a little imagination, you can get your kids to water the good plants and uproot woods. Frame gardening as a superhero battle and you’ll have helpers at the ready.

First, establish the boundaries.  Label some plants and trees “the good guys” that your little superhero needs to recharge by shooting at the roots with squirt guns.  Be sure to equip them with lower powered guns for this task; you don’t want a high-pressure weapon uprooting delicate plants!

As you’re calling on them to save “the good guys,” you can even teach your children the names of different plants.  Save the rhododendron! Rescue the pansies!

Show them the backyard bad guys–the weeds! They have to annihilate the bad guys by saturating them and then ripping them out of the ground!

Squirt Gun gardenersIf your kids are disciplined enough to handle it, give them an extra challenge by equipping them with high-powered water guns like the Flashflood 17-Inch Water Gun or the Critter Blaster Water Gun and having them shoot the good plants from a distance.