Staying Safe During Outdoor Activities

Staying Safe During Outdoor Activities

It’s time to stay hydrated, safe, and cool as weather turns warmer and we head outdoors to enjoy it. With a little common sense and some practical application, your summer can be accident-free. Here are a few of our favorite reminders, along with some helpful product suggestions for staying safe during outdoor activities!

Staying Safe During Outdoor Activities

Exercise in the early morning or evening to avoid the hottest times of day. Use a personal mister or a cooling towel to keep cool on especially hot days.

If biking or running in traffic, wear reflective clothing.

Rehydrate frequently.

Staying Safe During Outdoor Activities

Cool off and exercise at the same time by swimming. Swimming is one of the best total cardio workouts you can find. Summer is the perfect time to make this your go-to exercise.

Apply a high-SPF sunscreen frequently.

Watch out for signs of heat stroke – dizziness, nausea, hot and dry skin, confusion, unconsciousness. If you spot it, get the victim out of the sun, seek medical attention, and cool down the person with ice and cool cloths.

Wear protective clothing in the woods.

Relieve itching and rashes with hydrocortisone cream or an oatmeal bath.

Inform someone of where you are going and when you will be home. At all times, carry your phone.

Know how to swim and observe public pool posted restrictions.

Learn CPR.

Staying Safe During Outdoor ActivitiesNever leave children unattended near water and keep a cell phone with you so you don’t have to leave the area if you need help.

Program emergency numbers into your phone.

Stay inside when lawn chemicals are being applied.

Enjoy your summer and be safe!!