Are you and your family itching for a swim, but still finding the water still too cold for your taste?  Other than the obvious solutions–heating the pool or breaking out the wetsuits, you can always tack a swim onto the end of a vigorous workout.  The water will feel less chilly and quite refreshing if you’ve been getting hot and sweaty.  And it’s a great way to sneak a little more exercise into your and your family’s day.  The key is preparation.

still too cold?Lay out the swimsuits and towels right away.  Then, take your kids out for a bike ride or a jog.  Or, engage them in a lengthy game of tag in the backyard.  Did you just do laundry?  Take the clothes back upstairs one item at a time.  There are so many ways you can get them to break a sweat.  When you’re done with the main workout, change immediately into swimsuits and hop in the pool.  The water will still be chilly, but you’ll appreciate the cool down.  Once everyone is in, it’s easier to stay in.  And to keep away the feelings of cold, stay active in the pool–swim laps, start a rousing game of marco polo, tread water, or jog in place.  You’ll have all the fun of a good swim and forget that the water is still a touch too cold!