Summer Care For Your Feet

To properly care for your feet while enjoying everything summer has to offer, check out these few tips from Toysplash.

Summer Care For Your Feet

Summertime is the time we take to the outdoors to swim, play, and explore. While we know to always have suntan lotion, bug spray, and water on hand, it's also important to take care of our feet. Having sore feet, blisters, or sunburnt feet can turn any good time into a painful experience. Here are some simple foot care tips for healthy feet throughout the summer months.

Do not walk around barefoot in public areas such as communal showers, changing rooms, or public pools. This is because they are breeding grounds for infections that include athlete's foot and plantar warts. Protect your feet in these areas by wearing flip-flops.

Do not, however, wear flip-flops for prolonged periods of time as this can lead to foot problems. Flip-flops typically consist of a flat piece of rubber, so they do not provide feet with enough support in the arch area. Flip-flops can cause arch and heel pain if they are worn for too long.

Keep your feet dry by changing socks at least once a day. This will help keep your feet dry and prevent them from getting smelly. Choose socks that are made of at least 70% cotton because they are more breathable.

Expose your bare feet to air on a regular basis in the summertime, especially if you have to wear shoes and socks all day. The sweatier your feet get, the more likely you are to get fungal infections. You can also keep fungal infections at bay by washing your feet every morning and evening with warm water and soap. An antibacterial wash can help keep foot odor under control.

During the summer months, the skin on the bottom of your feet may get dry and cracked due to sweating. If left untreated, feet can even bleed or get infected. Use a foot file, pumice stone, or even an emery board to remove hard skin from your feet and apply an over-the-counter foot cream everyday.

If walking is the main agenda of the day, be sure to wear supportive shoes, preferably with arch support to prevent foot and ankle discomfort.
Prevent foot blisters by keeping your feet dry, wear comfortable shoes and sandals that fit well, and by giving your feet plenty of rest so that they do not get hot and sweaty.

And finally, everytime you are outdoors in sandals or barefeet, don't forget to apply sunscreen to your feet and toes.

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