Sun Safety

Sun Safety

Sun safety is an important part of water safety.  When you’re playing outside, be sure to guard your family from sunburn, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke.

sun safetySunburns are not just unsightly and painful, the damage they do to skin can contribute to skin cancer.  Be sure to apply plenty of waterproof sunblock before you head to the pool and reapply frequently!  Even waterproof formulas wear off in the water and can be rubbed off by contact with sand, concrete, etc.  Help children, who have very delicate skin, to appropriately apply and re-apply sunscreen.

Heat exhaustion is a dangerous precursor to heat stroke.  If your family has been spending a lot of time in the heat without adequate hydration, they are vulnerable to heat exhaustion.  Symptoms include dizziness, pallor, weakness, and headache.  Be especially mindful of young children and the elderly who are more susceptible to heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Heat stroke is a dangerous medical emergency.  It is a form of hyperthermia, wherein the body heats to unsafe levels and is unable to cool.  Symptoms include high body temperature, trouble breathing, confusion, hallucinations, rapid pulse, seizure, and flushing.  If your notice anyone experiencing the symptoms of heat stroke, call 911, remove them to a shaded area and attempt cooling efforts, such as dousing with cool water and fanning while you wait for emergency personnel.

Prevention is the key to sun safety.  Make sure everyone drinks plenty of water.  A floating cooler (ToySplash sells plenty of them) is a great way to keep the fun going while still keeping water and beverages close at hand.  Take plenty of breaks in the shade.  Don’t over-exert yourself in hot or humid weather.

Have fun and splash safe!