Super Bowl Kids Game Zone

Super Bowl Kids Game Zone

Let’s face it…Super Bowl Sunday is not a day that kids really look forward to. Adults love going to a good Super Bowl party but for kids, a party focused around a football game on TV can be downright boring. Sure, there are some kids who are interested but the majority are looking for something else to do instead of watching the game. If you want to keep the kids out of your hair and occupied during the big game, try setting up our Super Bowl Kids Game Zone for some awesome game day fun!

Whether you live in a warmer climate where outdoor play is an option or you’re putting up with winter’s wrath, most of these games can take place either in the backyard or in the basement.

Giant Tic Tac Toe

Grab an old bedsheet or plastic tablecloth and a roll of painter’s tape.  Use the tape to “draw” out your tic tac toe grid. Next, gather up tossing disks Super Bowl Kids Game Zone (similar to a frisbee) for the game pieces. I recommend soft disks for indoor play. It’s best to have two different colors – 4 of each color. Players take turns tossing their disks in hopes of landing in the desired square. If the disk is on the line, it gets moved to the square that the majority of the disk lands in. If it lands on top of another disk, the previous disk is eliminated and the new one takes that spot. Other than those two little twists, follow the rest of the normal rules of tic tac toe. Try playing best out of 5 to determine the winner. If you’ve got plenty of players, keep playing elimination rounds until you’re down to the “Super Bowl of Tic Tac Toe!” Whether this game takes place in the backyard or in the basement, kids will stay occupied for quite a while!

Life-sized Angry Birds Game

Super Bowl Kids Game ZoneWe found this fun game over at Craftionary, an awesome website with great ideas. This game will be sooo popular with the kids. The basics that you need are cardboard boxes of various sizes, some heavy-duty cardboard pieces to use as bridges, and some beach balls or balloons. This picture shows your basic idea for the set-up. What’s awesome about this game is that the kids can use their imaginations as they re-set the game each time. Divide the children into two teams. Use the balloons or beach balls as the targets that earn points. Obviously, the targets won’t pop like in the real game so instead each team earns points when the balls or balloons are knocked down from their original location. Use another bouncey ball or a frisbee to throw or toss at the targets. Be sure to keep score! Once the target is knocked down the opposing team has 2 minutes (use a timer!) to re-set for the next play.  Assign point values to each ball or balloon (1-5 points each).  The team to reach 50 points first wins!!

These games will entertain the kids for a good chunk of time. Be careful…some of the adults might want to venture into the Super Bowl Kids Game Zone, too!