Super Snow Day Activities

Super Snow Day Activities

Snow days are exciting for kids but not always that great for parents. Kids are homebound…no school. How to keep them occupied? We’ve got a great list of Super Snow Day activities. You’re sure to find something to keep your little ones occupied on a chilly, blustery, snow-filled day!

super snow day activities~

  1. Check out some snowflakes! This can be an indoor or outdoor activity. Grab a magnifying glass and start looking. Have kids look at the snowflakes on the windows. How about scrutinizing a frosty window pane? If you’re staying inside, ask the kids to create a drawing that mimics what they see. Have some glitter ready to embellish those drawings.

  1. Is the weather too bad to go out?  Make an indoor snowman!  Let the little ones create their top-hatted Frosty at the kitchen table using soap suds, cotton balls, or styrofoam balls. Get creative!

  1. Surprise the kids with a winter treat! If your kids are familiar with the Little House on the Prairie series—or even if they aren’t—they’ll love making candy from snow and maple syrup.  The easy recipe can be found here.

  1. Make paper snowflakes.  Get out the scissors and a box of round, white coffee filters. Here are some easy-to-follow instructions.

  1. Write a winter-themed play. Encourage the kids to use their imaginations to come up with interesting animal characters who can save the wintry day. Have the kids make creative costumes using stuff around the house. Have them act out their play. Don’t forget to use your smartphone to record the production!

*Ready for some outdoor activities?  *

  1. Go for a winter walk. Pay attention to the different footprints each of you is creating. Can you find any animal footprints?  Take pictures of them and try to figure out which animal created them.

Super Snow Day Activities2. Build a snow fort. Got the perfect, packing snow ready for fort construction? Try using sand toys to help with the building.  Snow not cooperating? Surprise the kids with an inflatable snow fort! They’ll play in this thing for hours. Plus, use it in the summer as a fort or hideout. Put it in the playroom for even more creative play.  Take it camping or to the lake. The uses are endless…

Super Snow Day Activities3. Go snowmobiling!  No, we don’t mean on a* real* snowmobile. Try our super-popular Inflatable Snowmobile Rider; perfect for kids! Everyone LOVES this inflatable snow toy. Kids can push or pull each other around on it or simply ride it down a snowy hill.  Feels more secure and controlled than a sled or tube. You can even attach a rope and let the family dog act as a reindeer!

4. Sit quietly and listen to the sounds of winter. Can you hear any winter animal sounds? How about mounds of snow dropping off a roof or an icicle breaking off and falling? Count how many different winter sounds you can identify.

  1. Finally, go inside and have a nice, warm mug of hot chocolate…with marshmallows, of course!