Swabbing The Deck DIY

Swabbing The Deck DIY

Spring is underway, and the warm weather is finally arriving. It’s the perfect time to start “spring cleaning” your pool. Dust off the brush and skimmer, and unearth the chemicals, it’s time to get reacquainted with your summer time BFF! Today we bring you part 1 of a DIY series, Swabbing the Deck.

Cleaning your pool can seem like a miserable and thankless task, but it doesn’t have to be. Sure, it can be hard work, but it’s a labor of love! If you go at it head on, armed with a plan and proper technique know-how, cleaning the pool can actually be enjoyable!

I’m sure right now, you’re reading this and rolling your eyes… Yes, maybe I am crazy, or maybe I know something you don’t?

Let’s take it one step at a time… Baby steps???

This week, let’s start with a pool cleaning basic: Deck Scrubbing. A lot of people forego traditional deck scrubbing, and opt for power washing. It’s faster, but not entirely necessary. Deck scrubbing can be quick and easy, if you keep up with it. Once you let it go, you’ll end up having twice the work next time.

So what is the purpose of deck scrubbing? You know how you walk on the pool deck to enter the pool? Well, anything you step on goes into the pool too! Deck scrubbing is simply scrubbing the pool decking of any debris, and helps to keep your pool free of unwanted dirt and chemicals. All you need is a deck brush, and a hose. It’s actually pretty simple!

What to do: Wet the pool deck, and scrub any debris and residue off with a stiff deck brush. Make sure to pay special attention to animal droppings, spilled food, drinks, or chemicals, which can break down your decking material. Use the hose to rinse the loosened debris from the pool deck. Final step: lounge in the pool lounge.

Tip: I find it’s much more effective to use a back-and-forth motion when scrubbing the pool deck. However, I switch to a circular motion when tackling any stuck-on dirt or debris.

See, it’s pretty easy! Plus, it takes hardly any time at all. Make sure you do this once a week, and you’ll find each weekly scrubbing to be faster and easier. It’s all about progressive maintenance.

Don’t forget to check in again next week, for another step towards a cleaner pool!