Swan Floats are Back! #SwanLife

Swan Floats are Back! #SwanLife


The Giant Inflatable Swan, all 75 inches of it, has been one of the most popular pool floats for the last few years. Making appearances with Taylor Swift, Kaley Cuoco, Emmy Rossum, and Kendall Jenner, this fashionable pool guest has been taking the water world by storm.

Why the fuss? Well, this swan is a lot less temperamental than its real life counterpart. But it does still have the classic looks that makes a swan a graceful water companion.


It is unclear which celebrity made Swimline’s Swan float so popular, but it is said that the  Kardashians were the first to show the product on their famous reality TV show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”Social media outlets like Instagram and Facebook have had huge roles in spreading #SwanGoals after Taylor Swift and her beau Calvin Harris snapped a cozy pool picture together.

This majestic swan is great for the pool, the lake, or even sunning on the beach.  So go ahead and snap that perfect Instagram picture – we encourage it!

Supplies are expected to run out fast! Purchase your Giant Inflatable Swan here.

TAYLORSWIFT via Instagram & EMMYROSSUM via Instagram