Swimming in the Rain

It’s April, so you know what has to happen before those May flowers pop up!  Yup, April showers. Did you know swimming in the rain can be a lot of fun?  When you have a cool spring rain, many times the water in the pool feels warmer than the air.  So, if your kids are itching to get in the pool even though it’s raining, don’t stop them.  The rain creates a swimming in the raingreat backdrop for a lot of imaginary play, particularly adventure play:  pirate ships on the high seas, water gun battles, and diving for treasure (pool toys).  Talk to your children about the relative temperature of the water.  If you’ve been tracking the pool temperature with your kids, have them see if the water is really warmer during the rain or if it just feels that way.  Ask them why it might feel warmer in the pool even if it’s not.  When you’re done, pull out some of the winter treats for one last indulgence–warm blankets, hot cocoa, and soup are great choices.

Some precautions:

Don’t swim during a thunderstorm, keep it to rain only (and if your kids ask why, you can explain to them the mysteries of electricity).

Use your own best judgment.  If it’s sleet and freezing rain, don’t send them out to get colder and wetter, no matter how much they beg.

Make sure all your towels are under cover.  Getting out of the pool and drying off with a cold, wet, towel is miserable.  Bonus:  throw the towels in the dryer before you head out so your towels are not only dry, but warm!