The swimming pool is a great place to introduce kids to traditional team sports and also to practice skills.  Basketball is a longtime swimming pool favorite here at ToySplash and there are so many options to make pool time hoop time.

Swimming Pool Basketball

swimming pool basketballTraditional pool basketball hoops are reminiscent of a real basketball hoop in the driveway.  They work with regulation size basketballs and are a great way to engage the entire family in a game of swimming pool basketball.  Around ToySplash, HORSE is a particular favorite.  If you’re unfamiliar with the game, see our primer at the bottom of this post.  It’s also a great way to teach proper shooting and passing form.  If you’re already having fun in the pool, this teaching moment is easy, lighthearted and fun!  Check out the Junior Hoop Portable Pool Basketball Set and Poolside Basketball Game at ToySplash to find the set best for your family.

swimming pool basketballAre your kids still a little young for traditional pool basketball?  ToySplash has you covered there too.  The Giant Spring Jam Basketball set uses a 16-inch ball and inflatable hoop so even the littlest swimmer can get in on the swimming pool basketball action!

Why practice out in the heat when you can splash your way to basketball fun?!?!

HORSE Primer

The goal of HORSE is to make baskets in interesting ways and from interesting angles.  The first play attempts a shot.  If he or she makes it, the next player must repeat the same shot.  If the second player is unable to replicate the shot, he or she is assigned the letter H. (then O-R-S-E as subsequent shots are missed).  In the swimming pool, horse is lots of fun because there are so many options that aren’t available on land–launching the ball from under water, jumping and spinning, etc.  Let your imagination take over and have a great time!