Swimming Pool Reef

Swimming Pool Reef

Can’t make it to the ocean this year?  Why not treat your kids to a special backyard reef?  You can take the kids for a night dive without even leaving your own pool.  ToySplash has what you need to create the perfect backyard swimming pool reef.

Creating a swimming pool reef:

swimming pool reefFor a night dive, you’ll need some pool lightingFloating flower lights or the awesome Swimways Light-up Lion Fish will illuminate the surface of the water.  To make sure they can see all the surprises below the surface, pick an underwater light show.  For some extra fun, check out a light up pool fountain.

Today’s pool toys come to life before your eyes.  Pick a variety of marine life:  rainbow reef swimming turtles or a motorized Finding Nemo character.  You can even jazz it up with a sunken treasure dive game, too!

swimming pool reefFor more exciting night time dive action, try the Swimways Toypedo Lite Up Bandits or the ultra cool Light Show Dive Sticks!

No matter what you choose, your kids will be delighted with the swimming pool reef adventure you’ve created just for them!