It’s no secret that childhood obesity is a big issue right now; you rarely turn on the news without hearing about it. A lot of us are concerned about making sure our kids stay healthy and active. That’s one of the reasons ToySplash launched our water fun blog. We want to give you fun and easy ways to enjoy the water with your family so your kids will grow to crave a healthy lifestyle. It’s important not just to have fun in the water, but to be actively having fun in the water. We thing swimming pool relay races combine fun and exercise in a great way!

Today’s tip focuses on just that: active fun. Set up swimming pool relay races. Liven up the relays by swapping out a traditional relay baton for pool toys and other interesting objects. One of our favorite versions of the pool relay incorporates pool toys. Allow your children to select all the pool toys they will use today and set them up as relay tokens on the edge of the pool. Before playtime begins, have a relay to “introduce” each toy to the water. Toys that have not been relayed are not available for play.

swimming pool relay racesRelays are great ways to make sure pool time remains active time. And your kids will be having so much fun, they won’t realize how much exercise they’re getting! And you don’t even need an opponent for pool relays to work. Use a stopwatch and encourage your children to beat their own best times. This way, only children and children with significant age or ability gaps with their siblings are still part of the fun!