Take the Spa with You!

Take the Spa with You!

Have you ever thought about the benefits of purchasing an inflatable spa that can easily go from your own backyard to someone else's? We have! It is so convenient and has so many benefits without the steep price tag. You can also use it inside in those cold winter months if you so choose. Read on for more benefits to this awesome invention!

  1. COMFORT: Think of not only sitting in a warm, bubble spa but also sitting on a pillow instead of a hard spa seat. That is a HUGE benefit from an inflatable spa. Because they are full of air, you feel like you are floating on a soft cloud...how relaxing!

  2. COST: An in-ground spa can cost you thousands of dollars. Why not use that money to purchase more decorations and lights to make your backyard feel like the tropics. Trust us, the price difference is worth it!

  3. INDOORS: You can easily move your portable spa from an outdoor location to an indoor location based on the comfort of the weather. If you are not a fan of that cold winter air but still want to make use of your bubble spa, bring it inside! I know, it sounds crazy but once you've tried it, you won't ever think so again!

  4. PACK IT UP: If you prefer to only use your hot tub for a few months out of the year, don't get stuck cleaning an in ground hot tub after months of not using it! Simply deflate, store and bring it back out when you want to use it!

  5. FUN: Have you ever had friends or family over for a get-together and are trying to think of something fun to do? How cool would it be to say... "wait a second, just let me inflate my hot tub," You are sure to be the life of the party!

As you can see, a portable bubble spa has just as many, if not more, benefits than an in ground spa. Comfort, packing and more come into play at a lot less of a cost. We have an option for you here at ToySplash, the Intex PureSpa Bubble Massage Hot Tub

This bubble spa, shown in the above photo, is 77" x 28" and can be taken ANYWHERE YOU PLEASE in the carrying bag that it comes with. You can purchase some spa accessories on our site with those thousands of dollars you'll be saving!