For years, kids have loved squirt guns and water balloons.  What could be more fun than soaking unsuspecting parents and little sisters?  The next generation of water guns and water blasters really take things up a notch.  One of our favorite newer developments in water gun fun is also a great way for parents to control the battle:  squirters that harness the water-power of the pool. Talk about taking water wars to the next level…

Taking water wars to the next levelKids love their favorite floats even more when there is a water gun or water squirter attached.  They can ride in style and still soak everyone in the pool.  Plus, there is no running out of water and the hassle of replacing caps and broken water tanks.  As long as they’re afloat, their ammunition never runs out.

But these toys are a secret blessing to parents.  When the water source is confined to the pool, nobody runs through your living room in mid water-war to soak your wedding portrait and drench the dog.  And dripping wet feet don’t crowd around your kitchen sink for a refill.  If a supervising mom or dad really doesn’t want to get wet, all it takes is moving the lounge chair out of range.

ToySplash has a great selection of awesome floating squirters.  For an all-out water war, equip your armada with the UFO Pool Float Squirter, the Power Blaster, the Galaxy Fighter Super Set (multiple floats), Pirate Pool Float Water Blaster, or the super-deluxe Taking water wars to the next level Starfighter Inflatable Squirter.  There is something to meet every imagination.  And if you’d prefer more peaceful-themed toys, consider the Orca Pool Squirter or the Fire Boat Inflatable Squirter; all the fun of endless water spraying without aggression!