Teach Me to Swim

Teach me to SwimIf you have some pre-swimmers, now is the time to start looking into swim lessons so they can kick off the floaties and play with the big kids this year!  There are a ton of public and private agencies that offer swim lessons for kids of all ages, even babies.  We recommend enrolling early to get into a nearby class so you can spend less time driving and more time having fun in the sun!

teach me to swim…

Not only are swim lessons great to teach your children the basics of safe water fun, they are a great chance for them to interact with kids their own age.  And, for the more nervous swimmers, the sight of other children in the water might coax them out of their shells.

Even if your little one is not quite ready to swim on his own, there are lots of cool water wings and pool floats to ease the transition into swimming.  Check out ToySplash for all the pool floats, floaties, rafts, and water wings to keep them having fun in the sun all summer long!