Usually we try to feature fun games and activities here on the Splashdeck so you can keep your kids splashing and happy all summer long.  But part of making summertime the best time is helping keep life simple for the parents and grandparents of those splashing darlings.  Two of the biggest frustrations of water fun are keeping the pool clean and keeping the pool chemicals from wreaking havoc on the kids and their swimsuits. Read on for the benefits of an outdoor shower!

The answer to both problems is an outdoor shower setup.  ToySplash has a number of great options.  From the Portable Poolside Shower to the GAME Outdoor Solar Shower, you can do a lot to make your life easier.

The Benefits of an Outdoor ShowerWith an outdoor shower, you can establish simple rules to save your pool and to save their suits.  A good rinse down before getting in the pool helps keep them from tracking dirt into the water.  Drenching their hair also prevents the hair from absorbing too much of the pool water, which makes hair discolored, brittle, and dry.  Similarly, a post-swim shower rinses the chlorine off suits (a must-have for white and light colored swimsuits) and can rinse residual chlorine off hair and skin. And the best part about it?  Nobody tracks water through the house on their way to the shower from the pool or vice versa, and there is no excuse not to do it because the shower is right there.