It’s time to suit up and hit the wild rapids . . . even if they’re only in your backyard.  Whether your kids are practicing for an upcoming river rafting trip or just want to play pretend, the fake rapid adventure can be lots of fun.

The Fake Rapid AdventureWith an Intex Explorer Inflatable Three-Person Boat, your kids can paddle through the pool.  To make it more fun, create some waves.  Mom and Dad can get a bit of a workout by jumping up and down in the pool–eventually your swimming pool will turn into a wave pool.  The kids can paddle the “rapids” of your backyard pool1  Increase the imaginative fun with missions (dive for something underwater or fetch something from the yard) to accomplish in a certain amount of time.  If your kids really want to make it realistic, gear them up with life vests too!

The Fake Rapid Adventure can make backyard fun more exciting for everyone.