Thirsty Thursday – The Margarona

It’s a margarita….it’s a Corona…..add them together = the Margarona! This one’s not rocket science, people, but Holy Cow is it good!  I have seen these on Pinterest all over the place but didn’t try one until a few weeks ago and wow!  I am HOOKED!!  We made our typical frozen margaritas (using my handy dandy Magic Bullet-love that thing) using Costco’s margarita mix, a little OJ and plenty of tequila (we use the Costco tequila which is pretty good for $18.99 for a giant bottle. We are not tequila snobs…).  Blend it all up, salt your rims, pour in the tequila leaving a little room and then use the little baby Coronas (7 oz) and invert it into your margarita. You will get the best of both worlds. All I can say is Yum!

The MargaronaSince we featured How To Play Floating Beer Pong earlier this week, I thought hey…I would much rather have to drink a margarona while playing the floating PortOPong; after all there is beer in it!

Thirsty Thursday – The Margarona – it’s a winner!