The Perfect Poolside Lunch for this Less-than-Perfect Mom

The Perfect Poolside Lunch for this Less-than-Perfect Mom

It’s been one of THOSE days…you know. Yes, you do.  You think to yourself, who snatched my wonderful, angelic children and left me with these, these….

I was truly feeling like the Less-than-Perfect mom today. (heavy sigh)

The whole morning was just off. No one was happy. No toy was the right toy, no Disney movie was the right movie and no sibling was the right person to play with or get along with for that matter. Even our “Orange” Day lunch of mac & cheese, carrot sticks, orange jello, Cheez-Its and orange slices didn’t make the day better.

What’s a mom to do? There’s only one thing left that will help…nap time.  It couldn’t get here fast enough. Once I got everyone settled in for a nice, long respite it was* Me time*.

I quickly realized I never ate any of our orange lunch as my stomach growled at me. A few Cheez Its hurriedly stuffed in my face really doesn’t constitute a true lunch. Nope, it doesn’t. Time for Mommy to have a peaceful lunch all to herself. I checked the fridge and thought “cheese”. Yup, this girl is from Wisconsin so cheese runs through my veins. A grilled cheese sounded perfect.

Then all of a sudden, my creative side kicked in (she shows up every now and again) and I decided to get crazy with my basic cheese sandwich. Here’s the heavenly concoction I came up with. It still needs a name so I’m taking suggestions but first make one for yourself and then weigh in on the naming game. You’ll see that it truly is the Perfect Poolside Lunch (or even the standing-at-the-sink-because-I-have-to-eat-quickly-before-someone-cries-screams-etc.)

Splash Mommy’s Heavenly_____________??

ingredients2 slices of bread (Mine was Orowheat OatNut)

butter or margarine to spread on outsides of bread

Cream cheese, about a tablespoon

Feta cheese, also a tablespoon

Shredded colby-jack cheese, 2-3 tablespoons

Chopped pickled jalapenos (use enough to suit your spicy tolerance)

1 tsp mayo (mine is Kraft with Olive Oil) mixed with 1 tsp Sriracha sauce

grilled cheese smallI built my sandwich in my little saute pan. Butter one slice of bread and put buttered-side down in the pan. Spread cream cheese on the bread’s side facing up. Sprinkle chopped jalapenos, feta cheese and colby-jack cheese on top of the cream cheese. Now take your Sriracha/mayo mixture and spread on the second piece of bread. Put this face down on top of your lovely cheese-jalapeno mixture. Butter the side of the bread facing up. Now put the pan on the burner at a medium temperature. Let that baby sizzle for a few minutes. When the first side is browned nicely, flip that sandwich over and brown the other side. When it’s done, eat!! Enjoy the cheesy, spicy goodness of this sandwich.

Yes, this truly was the perfect poolside lunch for this Less-Than-Perfect-Mom…

My day took a turn for the better after having this lunch, poolside, with some cucumber slices and pretzels. The only thing I could think of that might make this sandwich even better is, of course…..BACON!  I’ll save that for the next time Mommy needs a cheesy deliverance from the kiddos!

(P.S. Yes, I took the baby monitor with me just in case….  I had 30 minutes of quiet bliss. Ahhh…) Mommy is re-charged!