The Perfect Water Temperature

We were recently asked, as Water Fun Experts, what is the perfect water temperature for swimming at the beach or the backyard pool. The great thing about being Water Fun Experts and not hired pros at the golf course is that for a lot of questions, there are no wrong answers!  And this is (with some exception) one of them.

the perfect water temperatureAlthough we don’t recommend jumping into icy and frigid waters (we know there are some of you wild people who do that for sport in chillier climates, but for the rest of us . . . brrr!), but almost any temperature will do.  At ToySplash’s Water Fun Headquarters in sunny Phoenix, we are spoiled! When your daytime temperature spends months in the three digits, you can afford the luxury of waiting until the pool feels like a lukewarm bath.  We know the mother of one Water Fun Expert won’t so much as dip her feet until the pool thermometer reads 80 degrees.

For most people, the perfect temperature is dependent on tolerance, enthusiasm, and relative discomfort.  Our friends in colder climates tell us that when the pool reads 60, it’s time for a swim.  And our friends in the South remind us it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity! So, when the weather gets sticky, they dive in!  People without air conditioned homes almost always seem to find cooler water preferable.  And kids?  As soon as their parents are no longer worried about hypothermia, they are splashing up a storm!

If you’re concerned about your kids swimming when the water is chilly (or being dragged into cold water yourself!) we have a number of recommendations:

taking the edge off cold water…

Wetsuits:  these are particularly great for beaches and lakes, but if your kids are really desperate to get in the pool in early April, there is no reason they can’t wear wetsuits in the backyard.  The novelty could even lead to some great imaginary play!

Be Shallow:  The water in the shallow end of a pool is warmer than diving into the deep end.

Keep Moving:  A number of moms who are dragged by their children into cold pools stay warm and keep fit by jumping and jogging in place in the shallow end.

Don’t Muss Your Hair:  If you don’t plan on doing a lot of active swimming with the kids, keep your hair dry so cold water isn’t dripping down your neck as you supervise.

Hot Towel?:  Throw your beach towels in the dryer so you have a warm refuge when you get out of the water.