Thirsty Thursday - Shark Bowl Party Drink

Thirsty Thursday - Shark Bowl Party Drink

In honor of Shark Week I am sharing this recipe for a Shark Bowl Party Drink for our Thirsty Thursday feature. Be ready to be amazed at how fun this drink is. If you can, get a large round glass container (similar to a fish bowl – found mine at the thrift store). If you want to get extra creative, pour some pop rocks into the bottom of your bowl to create a gravel effect. Gather a bunch of friends and enjoy….maybe watch Jaws while you’re drinking it. It will help that movie seem more life like…or you simply won’t care…

Shark Bowl Party Drink

12 or more blue gummy sharks
24 or more ice cubes
12 oz. can lemonade concentrate
12 oz. cranberry juice cocktail
1 liter bottle tonic water
Dash of grenadine
2 liter bottle Seven-Up
2 shots gin
3 shots white rum
3 shots vodka
The longest straws you can find (one for each person)
Punch bowl or other lg. shallow bowl

Mix lemonade concentrate, cranberry juice, tonic water, and
Seven Up until the frozen concentrate dissolves. Add
alcohol, gummy sharks, and ice. The sharks are the best

Serves 4-6.

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