This Party is Getting Wild

This Party is Getting Wild

Is it too hot (or too expensive) to have your party at the zoo?  Why not bring the zoo to your swimming pool?  With ToySplash’s amazing selection of animal-themed pool toys and pool floats, your guest will exclaim “this party is getting wild!”

this party is getting wild!

Everyone has seen the orca/killer whale pool ride-on.  It’s a classic pool toy and you can’t go wrong with it.  But there are so many other animal floats to make your pool party wild.  Check out the Big Animal Pool Swim rings; ideal for the littlest party goers.  They come in dinosaur, donkey, and giraffe styles, and at less than $5 each, you can stock up for the this party is getting wildwhole crowd!  Animal split rings are ideal for toddlers and young children.  For around $2, you can get a turtle, toucan, or monkey.  Or, how about a polar bear family of floats?  From inflatable ducks,to dancing dolphins, ride-on seals, and inflatable swans, and so much more, you can turn your pool into a zoo.  ToySplash’s selection of pool floats can’t be beat.

To keep your party guests entertained, consider animal themed games.  How about a water war with a Critter Blaster Water Gun?  Don’t let the cute animals fool you. These squirters pack quite a punch! The shark frenzy dive game will also keep them splashing and laughing the day away.

When the water fun is over, wrap up the guest of honor in a dolphin, shark, or fish beach wrap.

A party this wild can’t be beat!