Tips for Your Child's First Pool Experience

Tips for Your Child's First Pool Experience

Nothing will make your child a better swimmer than feeling confident in the water. Let's learn the best tactics you can use for conquering your child's water worries.

Children can have a real fear about buoyancy and breathing, so it is crucial to take a slow approach. Start by having your child sit on the edge of the pool with his feet dangling in. Soon, he'll want to get into the water where he is able to stand. Here, you can progressively trickle some water over him and encourage him to submerge his face. Then it's on to blowing bubbles. Do these steps with your child with confidence and show him how much fun it can be. You can also practice these skills in the bathtub to reinforce what he has learned.

It's important not to become upset or give up on teaching your child to swim if they cry about going in the water, even after weeks of sitting poolside. Go ahead and proceed in carrying your child into shallow water. Evening if the child is kicking and screaming, hold him in front of you with your arms securely around him. Take a toy with you, sing songs and do anything you can to distract your child and help him feel safe.

You can teach your child yourself or hire a swim instructor. Look for a swimming teacher who is certified by the Red Cross or another reputable program and is also trained in CPR. In lessons, children can focus on the proper techniques, and then you can focus on playtime in the pool. If you decide to teach your child yourself, keep the lesson time short and make safety the top priority.

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