Top 10 Hot Tub Accessories

Top 10 Hot Tub Accessories

The weather is cooling down and pool season is coming to a close. However, hot tub use will now be on the increase. No longer are we looking to cool off from the summer heat. Now, it’s get in the hot tub to warm up, relax and ease those sore muscles that are a result of fall yard work, sitting on bleachers watching a football game, or a stressful day at work.

We’ve got the* Top 10 Hot Tub Accessories* to make your soak in the bubbly, warm water even better!

We’ll start at 10 and work our way down to #1. See if you don’t agree with us on these awesome hot tub products:

  1.  Invigorate Spa Fragrances: I really enjoy using a spa fragrance when I am looking to get the ultimate relaxation session in my hot tub. Not only do these fragrances provide aromatherapy but they also soften and moisturize my skin as well.  There are four fragrances to choose from:  Seduce – clary sage, Enrich – cucumber melon, Invigorate – tropical blast, and Soothe – Cedarwood.  I simply add 3-4 cap fulls to the spa once I turn on the bubbles and jets. Since these fragrances are specifically made for my hot tub, they will not stain or harm fiberglass, acrylics, or plaster and will not clog filters or affect pH levels. **

  2. Swimline **PoolTunes Floating iPod Speaker Light: ** I love listening to music when I am in the hot tub. I have awesome relaxation playlists on my iPod so when I found this floating iPod speaker I was thrilled to be able to use it not only in my pool but in the hot tub as well. My iPod can stay far away from the water but sounds like it’s right there with me. Not only does this cool accessory provide music but it also illuminates the water with a gentle light that shines downward. The floating speaker light comes with everything you need including the floating speaker light, radio transmitter, 3 foot stereo mini jack cable and instructions. I love my floating iPod speaker!

8. **Aqua Quik Spa Vacuum:  **I am very particular about the cleanliness of my hot tub. I can give it a quick little once over clean job with the handy Aqua Quik Spa Vacuum. I love this easy-to-use vacuum. All I have to do is give the vacuum a couple of quick pumps to create the suction and I’m ready to clean. No electricity, cords or hoses to deal with; it’s that simple.  This vacuum comes equipped with a wall mount for easy storage, a leaf skimmer, a slide on brush, a dual nozzle, and a wide nozzle. Keep your hot tub super clean with the easy to use spa vacuum. My hot tub always looks clean and ready to go which is just the way I like it.

7. **Spa Disc Oil &  Scum Remover: **I don’t know about you but I do not like to see a film of something floating on my hot tub water. This little tool takes care of that issue with very little effort on my part! Just toss this floating disc in the hot tub and it absorbs body oils, aromatherapy oils, and scum quickly and easily. It keeps my spa clean and free of any sort of scum line. When it’s full I simply rinse it out, let it air dry and reuse it. It lasts for one year! Such a simple, inexpensive way to keep my hot tub water clean and clear.

Top 10 Hot Tub Accessories

6. **Flameless **Candle:  I love having candles burning when I am relaxing in the hot tub. However, 9 times out of 10 I either forget the candles or the matches or I run out of candles and forget to replace them. I found these flameless candles that are just perfect. Not only do I not have to light them but they come with an autosensor so they automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. Of course, I can manually turn them on and off but the sensor is great for those forgetful times.  These candles can be set to have different colors and also can float right on the water if I choose. Love them.

5. **Spa Cover Lifter: **This hot tub accessory is awesome…hands down, awesome. Unfortunately, the older I get, the heavier my hot tub cover gets. Not sure how that happened. My husband is not always here to lift the cover off so when we found this particular device, needless to say we were thrilled. This device does all the heavy work for me and the great thing is, it didn’t require any drilling or screwing into the hot tub. It simply stands next to the spa and make cover removal easy peasy!

4. **Storage Spa Steps:  **I get unusually excited about organization and storage so when I saw these storage spa steps I simply had to have them. I love that I can store all my spa accessories right in these steps. It keeps my hot tub area clean and organized. Plus, they are steps into the hot tub. Functional and functional!!

3. **Spa and Hot Tub Booster Seat: **I like this booster seat that’s made for hot tubs for several reasons. First, every now and then I take one of the kids in the hot tub with me. We’ve made this our special one on one time so the kids look forward to this. My littlest ones, however, are just too short be able to sit in the hot tub so this booster seat takes care of that little problem. Secondly, I like to use it myself when I need a specific area of my back to be right in front of the jets. Rather than maneuvering myself in some weird contorted way to get that certain sore spot in front of the water jet, I can use this booster seat to make it much easier.

2. Deluxe Spa Headrest: Usually by the time I am getting in the hot tub, I don’t have the energy to even keep my head up anymore. That’s why I really like my deluxe spa headrest. I’ve tried numerous different spa pillows, some with suction cups, others to simply wrap around my neck, but I’ve found I like this one the best. It has a strap that I can simply hook over the edge of the spa so it stays in exactly the spot I want it to stay in. It dries quickly and is mildew resistant which is also great. Most importantly, though, it’s super comfortable!

Top 10 Hot Tub Accessories

Finally, my #1 choice for hot tub accessories:

1.The Inflatable Spa Bar:  This is the coolest hot tub product ever! I can’t even tell you how many times I have dumped my wine or soda in the hot tub by accident. Since we purchase this cool item, that hasn’t happened at all. I love this inflatable bar because you can either let it float in the hot tub or hang it over the edge of the spa. Either way, it keeps all your drinks and snacks close at hand while I am relaxing my cares away. There is even a middle chamber that functions like a wine bucket!  Yup, all the other products are rather practical items but this spa bar is my splurge….best part is, it’s under $12 so it’s really no splurge at all!!

That’s my Top 10 Hot Tub Accessories. Do you agree? Take a look at all the Hot Tub and Spa products and accessories that ToySplash has to offer.

Choose your favorites and take relaxation to the next level…