You know the ToySplash Water Fun Experts love kids, family, and fun. Is it at all surprising that we love dogs, too? We have so many options to make pool fun with your furry friend easier and more exciting. Dogsplash begins at ToySplash!

Because there are so many things to talk about when it comes to dogs and the pool, we should start with the most important thing of all: safety. The truth is most of the things you do to keep your kids safe around water are the same things you should do to keep your dog safe:

Barriers: fences that keep your kids out of the pool will also keep your dog out. Check out ToySplash’s supply of pool alarms that will alert you to unexpected pool activities.

get them ready for some DogSplash…

DogsplashAbility: so you can’t enroll your dog in swim lessons. That doesn’t mean your dog can’t learn the basics. Even if your dog is afraid of the pool and would rather sacrifice all his toys than take a bath, you should introduce him to the pool. Put him in the water and show him how to get to the steps. Repeat this process regularly. Doggie may not like it, but he will learn. For extra security, outfit your dog in a Dog Swim Vest available from ToySplash.

Rules: your dog knows plenty of rules. Make pool rules part of this. If your dog knows he’s not allowed on the couch, he can learn how to stay out of the pool area too.

Supervision: watch your kids around water. Watch your dog around water. It’s that simple!