I recently had the fun of attending a gathering of teenage boys (yes, that sounds weird-bear with me) who were hanging out in the pool, trying out some of the ToySplash favorites. We took pics, videos and provided sub sandwiches for the hungry group. The video tells it all. Although the guys did have fun with the Water Joust and the See Saw Rocker, I think we all agreed that the NBA Basketball Hoop was by far the top contender. In fact, the family asked to buy the backboard and hoop after we were finished. The boys just didn’t want it to go. Read on for our ToySplash water games perfect for your next pool party!

Our goal at ToySplash is to always have water games, pool toys and floats that are perfect for your next pool party!

Here’s one pic from the gathering.  ToySplash Water Games Perfect for Your Next Pool Party

Head on over to the ToySplash YouTube page to view the awesome video: