Toysplash's Solar Pool Ionizer

Toysplash's Solar Pool Ionizer

Toysplash's Solar Pool Ionizer has become a pool maintenance staple that is great for all pool and spa sizes.

Toysplash's Solar Pool Ionizer is a portable and floating pool purifier combining solar electric power generation with ionization. Great for children and adults who are aggravated by chlorinated water, this ionizer offers up to 80% reduction in chlorine or other oxidizers. A great Green purchase, the solar pool ionizer will also work in spas or in any body of water (up to 25,000 gallons) where algae is an issue.

As the Solar Pool Ionizer floats in water, it converts sunlight into electricity by the photovoltaic panel. This harmless low current energizes a special alloyed mineral electrode below the water's line, causing the release of mineral ions into the water. Ionized water, often referred to as mineralized water, virtually eliminates the growth of microorganism in the water. The accompanying plastic basket surrounds the anode to keep any residues from dropping into the pool.

Toysplash's Solar Pool Ionizer eliminates algae (green color water), bacteria and viruses, but does not eliminate grease or suntan lotions. These will dull the water. When ask the frequency of using the ionizer, the answer is simple. When you notice the pool water has turned dull or misty, start adding chlorine into pool. Use testing strips to check the chlorine level until it reaches normal condition. In conclusion: You simply add chlorine when needed.

Available in blue or white, the Toysplash's Solar Pool Ionizer comes complete with everything you require including plastic basket, test strips, wire brush and user manual.

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