Ultimate Packing Guide for Beach Vacation Relaxation

Looking to kick back and catch some rays on your beach vacation?  We are too!  To help you really enjoy your getaway, ToySplash has put together this ultimate packing guide for beach vacation relaxation:

The obviously necessary:

1.  Swimsuits

2.  Towels

3.  Sunblock (we recommend “feeling the burn” only at the gym.  At the beach, slather on the SPF!)

For Active Family Fun:

Ultimate Packing Guide for Beach Vacation Relaxation4.  Beach toys: classics like beach balls and shovels and pails are great, but did you know you can buy entire sets of sand building toys complete with dump trucks?  Check out ToySplash’s great selection of kids’ beach toys.

5.  A first aid kit

6.  Dry changes of clothes inside a sealed plastic bag.  Few things are worse than a worn-out, cranky, hungry child who is cold, uncomfortable, and covered in wet sand.

7.  Goggles!  We hear from so many people who forget the goggles at home when they head to the beach. Imagine the world of underwater life they’ll see in the ocean.  Check out ToySplash’s selection of durable goggles!

Ultimate Packing Guide for Beach Vacation Relaxation8.  Family beach games: paddle ball, volleyball, and water guns are all great choices.

9.  Snacks and water.  Avoid sugary sodas and snacks and caffeine.  Your kids need protein to keep them moving and water to keep them hydrated!

10.  A camera!  These are the makings of great family memories and you’ll want to record them.  You can even buy the little ones inexpensive waterproof cameras to record what they see. Check out a digital camera swim mask at ToySplash.com to capture all the underwater fun!

  1. Plastic bags to bring home any sea shells or sand they want to collect and you don’t want to dirty-up your car or luggage.

For Your Relaxation

12.  Music!  There are lots of great waterproof and waterproofing options.  ToySplash sells iPod speakers and also waterproof covers for an iPod or cell phone.

13.  Beach towel clips.  Check out ToySplash’s towel clips: perfect for clipping your towel securely to your deck chair.

14.  An umbrella.  Even if you want to catch some rays, you probably don’t want to bake in the sun nearly as long as your family wants to play at the beach.  A beach umbrella will give you some much-needed shelter from blazing sun.

15.  A waterproof money and accessory holder.

Ultimate Packing Guide for Beach Vacation Relaxation16.  Beach chairs.  Beach chairs have moved up in the world!  You can buy chairs with built in canopies, children’s chairs with storage, and even tables with built in chairs to have a picnic lunch at the beach!

Our ultimate packing guide for beach vacation relaxation

will assure your next getaway to be a great success. Create memories that will last forever!