Underwater Charades

Here’s another great twist on a classic game of charades:  move it underwater!  Equip your observers with some goggles and send them underwater to figure it out.  There are some special things to consider when playing Underwater Charades.

The cool thing about underwater charades is there is a natural time limit.  When the actor needs to come for air, the time is up.

You may be wondering about the guessing.  In traditional charades, team members call out their guesses until time runs out or the answer is found.  In underwater charades, the team must confer and come up with a consensus answer to score the point.  You can make house rules if you’d like–allow a guessing team to come up with more than one alternate guesses.

Remember, due to the time limits and the actor’s inability to prompt the team’s good guesses, be sure to pick easier clues.  And get to acting!