Underwater Egg Hunt

Underwater Egg Hunt

Looking for ways to splash up your Easter? How about an underwater egg hunt?

But the water is clear. How can I hide the eggs there? Get creative! Rafts, floats, and other pool toys often have all sorts of crevices in which you can hide an egg.

Another twist on the underwater egg hunt is to assign each child a color or two and have them dive for their specific color of eggs. You can make a contest of it if you want, but it’s certainly not necessary. Your kids will be delighted by this fun twist on an egg hunt.

tips for an underwater egg hunt –

Underwater Egg HuntMany plastic eggs will float, but they’re not usually watertight or sturdy. That makes them a challenge for the pool. An unfilled, floating egg isn’t much fun. On the other hand, nobody likes soggy chocolate! If you choose to use plastic eggs, fill them with heavy, waterproof things like marbles, coins, or heavier plastic toys. Be careful that whatever you choose won’t get sucked into the pool motor and won’t be dangerous if the egg breaks open and spills.

Hard boiled eggs are a far superior choice. You have to place them somewhat gingerly so they don’t crack, but the worst thing that can happen is a little egg shell in the pool.

Always remove pool vacuums before you hide eggs!