Water Babies

Water fun is family fun, even for babies.  Even if you’re not interested in infant swim lessons, there are a number of ways baby can be a part of the family fun. ToySplash has the perfect items to get your water babies in the pool!

creating pool fun for your water babies…

Water BabiesInfant water accessories have gone way beyond floaties and water wings.  Today’s baby pool toys, baby pool accessories, and baby pool floats are really awesome.  They provide a secure place for baby to sit in the water, and most  include some sort of canopy to shield sensitive skin from the sun.  For years, Toysplash has provided the largest selection of baby pool toys, baby pool accessories, and baby pool floats like the baby spring float, one of our best sellers.

The swimming pool also gives your big kids a great place to interact with baby.  Unlike on dry land, when everyone is floating, the kids can see each other eye to eye.  If your big kid is a goof off, encourage him to find ways to make the baby laugh.  Is your big kid constantly asking to hold or help with her baby brother or sister? You can teach her different ways to help with baby in the water–from gently rocking a pool float to comfort or amuse to making sure baby stays cool enough in the sun.  Pool floats like ToySplash’s Puddle Jumper baby float can encourage imaginary play for the whole family.

Always remember:

Pool floats are not safety devices:  as secure as they are, they are not intended to be a substitute for adult supervision.  Always watch kids around water, especially babies!

Use sunscreen and reapply when kids have been in the water.

Invest in swim diapers–you won’t regret it!