Water Fun With No Wait and No Lines

You and your family can have water fun with no wait and no lines even without an in-ground pool (or before your pool is warm enough for a swim!).  There are so many inexpensive and fun options available, you’ll have to invest in a lot more sunscreen because your kids will be begging to spend more time outside.

Water Fun With no wait and no linesTraditional kiddie pools are just the beginning, but still lots of fun.  Use it as a home base for water gun fights, teach the kids how to make a whirlpool, or just bring the bath toys outside for a change of scenery. If you’re worried about sun exposure, ToySplash has a variety of inflatable pools that include canopies.

But why stop at the inflatable kiddie pool?  Check out inflatable pools with sprayers and themed water play areas.  Or, for more excitement, treat the kids to a slip and slide!  Your kids will think it’s a special occasion, but these options are so cost-effective that you can treat them to a mini vacation every day!