Water Polo in Your Backyard!

Water Polo in Your Backyard!

Water polo in your backyardWater polo is becoming a hot game in swimming pools all over the world.  Don’t let your family miss out on the fun–introduce it to your backyard today.  With an inexpensive water polo set from ToySplash.com. Water polo in your backyard may well become a family favorite for years to come.

Never played water polo?  The rules are easy and it provides a great workout for the whole family and is a hit at family cookouts and pool parties.

Here are the basics:

Each team has one goalie and several field players (in league play, approximately seven players from each team are in the pool at one time, but you can amend this rule to fit your family or party).

The goalie must stay on one side of the pool; the remaining players handle both offense and defense for the team.

Points are scored by shooting the ball into the opposite team’s goal.

Most importantly:  players may handle the ball with only ONE hand at a time.  If a player uses both hands, the ball is automatically turned over to the other team.

Play in timed quarters or, for backyard play, to a certain number of points.