Water time can be turned into learning time easily with a few accessories from ToySplash. Whether kids are spending time in the pool, the hot tub, or even in the bath tub, these waterproof toys provide fun and learning all rolled up in one!

Water Time = Learning Time

Water time = Learning timeThe Splashimals floating cards are a favorite with pre-schoolers.  This game not only helps kids match up pictures but also teaches basic spelling. Your child will learn to recognize animal names right along with a picture of the animal. Once kids get proficient at this game, they’ll start to create new and crazy combinations.  Have you ever seen a penphant? How about a girabbit? This game provides great learning but silly fun, too!

water time = learning timeOur Floating Playing cards make it easy to take your favorite card game right to the water. Kids love to play a basic matching game. Match 2 red aces or two black tens. When the cards are floating around the tub or pool, it makes the game that much more challenging! Create a fun math game with the cards: float only numbered cards face down. The player picks one card and you shout either add, subtract, or multiply. The next player picks a second card and the first player to yell out the correct answer receives that many points.  Choose how high a score you want to play up to.

These same waterproof cards are perfect for playing card games in the snow. What?? Either build a snow fort or get our inflatable igloo. Provide waterproof cards and a thermos of hot cocoa and you won’t see those kids for hours.  Are they playing Go Fish or Go Penguin?