Water War Party

Water War Party

It’s a water war party!

Let ToySplash help you plan-

the splashiest, most competitive water war party ever!

Water War PartyFirst, help your party-goers gear up.  Goggles and squirt guns make excellent and useful party favors for guests at a water war party.  They’ll be able to squirt, splash, and play the day without getting water in their eyes.  Forget treat bags. Send guests home  with goggles and a squirt gun to remember the fun.  ToySplash has a variety of goggles and squirt guns to fit any budget!

Water War PartyNext, it’s time to prepare the armada.  As your guests take to the water, make sure the fleet is well-stocked with water-power!  Check out the Manta Ray Dual Squirter Set, where your guests can ride in style as they soak the competition.  With ToySplash’s low prices, you can buy a fleet of these and still have money leftover for pizza! The Blaster Board is another favorite.  It looks like a normal kickboard, but doubles as a shield and water gun!

Enhance the battle zone with a motorized battle shark to get everyone in the spirit of the game.

Water War PartyThere are so many activities to keep your guests splashing and spraying throughout a water war party.  Water balloon war accessories are inexpensive and entertaining games that are sure to please (check out ToySplash’s economy pack of water balloons! $6.99 for 500 balloons).  For added splashing, check out the Water Balloon Wrist Launcher. This cool accessory will have you winning the water war party with no problem at all. Fill water balloons in a hurry with the Water Bomb Factory.

When your guests are splashed out, call a truce and serve the cake.  Your party guests will never forget the battle zone you created!