If you weren’t ready to call it before, you have to call it now:  it’s summer!  The water parks and public pools are open and now it’s time to kick it into high gear in the backyard pool.  With so many options available, we at ToySplash have a suggestion of backyard essentials to say “welcome to summer”!  Start with these basics and as your family starts itching for more excitement, add to the backyard fun.

Here’s what you’ll need to say –

Welcome to Summer!

Rafts and Floats:  let everyone in the family choose one from ToySplash’s selection.  Check out the self-inflatable float.  For less than $30, you can ditch the air pump and jump right into the water!  ToySplash has lots of kids’ and toddlers’ floats and rafts too.
welcome to summer

Dive Games:  From classic dive rings to character dive sticks, this is a timeless, inexpensive, and fun water toy.  A must have for all your family’s summer fun.

Goggles:  Protect their eyes underwater and help them enjoy every moment of pool fun!

welcome to summer Sports:  a volleyball net or a basketball hoop provides awesome water entertainment for a large group of people. Get the watery competition going in your pool!

welcome to summer

Modern Water Toys:  dive rings and volleyball nets are longtime family favorites, but the next generation of pool toys is here to stay.  Check out the Subskate or the Sub Jumpa-an underwater pogo stick.  Your kids will have a blast in the backyard.  Plus, with all the coolest pool toys, you’ll never have to wonder where your children are–all their friends will come to them!