When life hands you lemons.....

When life hands you lemons.....

When life hands you lemons…..

make lemonade!

and sell it!!

Did you ever have a lemonade stand as a kid? My brother and I did and we had so much fun. We felt like real entrepreneurs running our own business…all grown up! The neighborhood adults were so gracious; stopping and buying our lemonade and making such a big deal over it. We spent a good portion of our day working on our stand, the display and, of course, the lemonade. We had a little help from mom but overall, I can look back and realize it was a great way for mom to keep us occupied.

First, the stand. Some people get fancy with a homemade stand made from lumber, cardboard, etc but we went the easy route with a table and a cute set-up using tablecloths, lemons and adorable drink dispensers.

Gotta make the lemonade. Now, if you are a Martha Stewart kind of
parent you can get a recipe for the homemade stuff on her website. If you are a parent like me, you will buy the huge canister of Country Time Lemonade at Costco, mix it up, cut some lemon slices and float them in your lemonade. Give a few squeezes of the real juice into your mix and it’s pretty yummy stuff. Be sure to serve over lots of ice. Nothing worse than warm lemonade on a hot summer day….

So, the kids are ready to open for business! Let them have a great time marketing their product (ie: calling out to neighbors). Catching people on their way home from work is a good time to sell this cool, tart, refreshing summer beverage.

when life hands you lemonsIf you really want to capture people’s attention, get the giant Fruit Slice Inflatable Island in the lemon design and use it as part of your display. This will surely grab customers’ attention and when the kids are done selling, they can go jump in the pool on the inflatable lemon slice! What a nice way to end a tough day at the lemonade stand….